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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pieces Shortlisted, Editing To Begin Shortly

Heads up, peeps! The pieces for inclusion in the e-zine have been shortlisted and the members will be contacted shortly both in terms of what they can expect from the process, and to the fact that this musn't in any way raise their hopes. Much along the lines of the last issue, no piece is finalized until after the edit. If, for any reason, the piece is found lacking either by its editor or the Chief Ed or both, it will be struck from the issue no explanations. We ask our members and all involved to respect this decision.

As we've discussed; each piece needs a massive edit to make it into the 'zine, and nothing's safe. Work hard with your editors, and they'll work hard with you; it's a give and take relationship so make it work. Writers who cross poetry/prose boundaries will be working with different editors, so chances are if you're a poet who doubles as a prose writer or vice versa, you'll be working with two or possibly three different editors at one time. We expect you to make it work.

Editing will begin either Saturday evening or Sunday morning spanning for two months and ending in mid-January; publication is still slated for January '09.

G'luck, g'luck!



M. said...


man, i need to get cracking

Khaver Siddiqi said...

Interesting. Very interesting.