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Monday, November 24, 2008

New E-Zine, New Rules

Here's the thing: editing began close to 9 days ago for three of our editors, while two are pushing back their dates until they become fully available to their wards. So whereas some of our shortlisted candidates may have heard from their editors, there are some among that list and new candidates that have yet to be contacted because their editors are a little busy.

Obi should get in touch with his wards by Tuesday, and Shehla aka "Clarice" will be available from Dec 1 onwards. Editing concludes January 16, 2009 so you guys won't be lagging behind too far.

Meanwhile, work is continuing on streamlining all pieces that are being edited. It's going to be sad to see any of the material go down the drain, which might also happen if the editors don't hear back from their respective wards soon and so aren't satisfied with the final outcome. Be warned of their wrath!

They hold the future in their hands...



M. said...

there is a chai charsi? :D

mp213 said...

Yes, that's "Extiinct".