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Friday, July 11, 2008

Preparations, Preparations

We did take a trip down to the Academy of Letters. However, for now, at least until peak heat summer time dies down in Islamabad, and generators aren't so much a necessity, we're looking for alternative venues. We'd decided on Cinnamon Cafe's Cigar Lounge but were thrown off when they told us they closed after lunch and reopened at 7.30pm, which is usually when our readings end. We can't have our readings running on especially since Monday's a work day for a lot of our attendees.

So now it's a toss up between Civil Junction or Khiva, both of which we'll scope out tomorrow to see the lay of the land. We've usually held our Islamabad meets at CJ, but due to its recent closing for redecoration purposes, haven't had the chance to poke our heads in there. Hotspot's out of the question, if it were ever in the question, because we'd have to take it outside, and it's far too hot to be sitting out there. 5pm on the new time means 4pm by the old time, and if memory serves, waay too hot.

So we're evaluating our options.

However, the deadline's still withstanding our indecisiveness and if you're interested to read out your stuff, mail it in to readings@desiwriterslounge.net. We're serving pieces up on a first come, first serve basis and if you send in your stuff before the July 16, 2008 deadline, you'll secure your place in this reading.

Realizing this is a series, I'm wondering when the first series should end. I'm thinking some time at the end of this year (November/Decemberish). We should plan things differently for the next series, or series in the plural. If we average about one every two months, we're looking at around 1-2 more by year's end. Meaning we'll have done about 4-5 readings. Not bad. Not bad at all.

The E-Zine selection process will also be starting soon, with the polls going up on all pieces. This time around, we'll be dedicating two months for editing to take into consideration the time of both our editors and their writers. Look for them in the next few weeks. A tentative e-zine publication date's been set for October/November around the time our first reading series ends.

If you'd like to take a look at our last e-zine (Vol 3), check it out here and if you'd like to be included but aren't a member, register here.

That's it!


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